Thursday, March 18, 2010

When the weekends can't come soon enough...

there are always glow sticks.

Monday came around and the studio photography crew got our assignment and crowded around our professor for a demonstration. After being cooped up all weekend in Fort (currently not-so) Awesome due to excessive rain and lack of parties, I had some cabin fever and a bad case of the Mondays. She illuminated her still life using hot lights and assorted gels and my complete inability to pay attention for sure paid off. I decided to run with the idea of color and incorporate my love of glow sticks. The original plan was to light the image using only glow sticks, which proved to be incredibly difficult. With the help of super model and Arts Management extraordinaire, Allison Portney and love of my life/PSGA cutie pie, Brittany Mayes... I think we were quite successful with lighting design....

Who's ready for Friday?

In other news, be sure to check out the Culture Shock line up video featuring yours truly....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's been way too long, blogging friends

Oh, how I've missed you! What a busy month it's been... the end of winter and beginning of spring is probably the most exciting time ever. It's in the 60's and I'm just about ready to make the switch from uggs to flip flops. It's been far to nice to stay inside and sit on the internet... especially when the heat is still on, making my room a toasty 80 degrees.

My friend, Chloe booked a benefit show for the Vagina Monologues at the Stood earlier this month. Mal Blum, Greg Baldwin, Man and Dog, Field Mouse, Mo Kaad and the Flex Points, and Menya all rocked while the show goers enjoyed some baked goods and entered the big raffle (to win a date with yours truly).

Mal Blum

Greg Baldwin

Mo Kaad and the Flex Points

Brittany and I (photo by Sam Schachter)

Later in the week, my two favorite bearded gentlemen made the mistake of allowing Allison, Brittany, Chloe, and I on their hit PTV show "Two Beards"....

photo by Joe Matoske

aka this guy...

photo by Joe Matoske